Online Serial – Part Two

Part Two 
When I was younger, I was abnormally tall. Too tall for my age, all legs and feet and awkward limbs. My brother and his friends would pick on me at school. Kids are cruel, and I was an easy target. Years of guys and girls lumping shit on me taught me that I was worth nothing. I was smart but I was awkward, no easy come back or defence ever sprang to my lips. Instead I’d shuffle away, hunched shoulders, blushing and trying not to cry.

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The Gamble

A few years ago I wrote The Gamble, a super-short but sweet novella (~5000 words) which is always free on kindle unlimited. Why not give it a go today?  The Gamble

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Online Serial – Part 1

Part One
Rationally, I knew I was drunk. Somewhere in the back of my darling-ly logical mind was a little voice telling me to stop drinking and get my arse home.
Instead I slapped my hand on the bar, signally my bestie Flo to pour me another.

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On Edge

On Edge is live!
Re-released, re-edited, re-formatted, lots more awesomeness. This is the book it was meant to be and the reviews definitely reflect that!

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